Innovation solution for securely fix denture even if bone loss

Why All-on-4?
How does it work?

This technique is an innovative solution for those patients, who suffer a loose denture,

failing teeth or bridge and those who have a severe bone loss and gum recession and

may have thought they wouldn’t be suitable for traditional dental implants.

If you want a brand new smile with a fixed bridge on only four dental implants then this is the perfect restorative solution for you.


Benefits of All- on-4


  • Complete replacement for dentures or for the less sophisticated removable
  • overdentures
  •  Restores proper chewing
  •  Uses less dental implants than the traditional techniques
  •  Helps prevent further bone loss
  •  Restores mouth functionality, drastically improving the ability to eat all sorts of food
  •  Improves facial structure by preventing sagging or hollow cheeks
  •  Minimally invasive procedure
    • In case of traditional implant techniques it is necessary to support a full arch bridge on six or eight implants.


    • All-on-4 works by placing two of the four implants at 30 and 45 degree allowing.


    • Maximum stability and ensuring that the bridge is supported by the implants at the front of the mouth where the jaw bone is denser and stronger.


    • The full arch bridge is then attached with screws to the socket of the implants.
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Is it harmful to have an implant in my mouth ?

No. The premium, high-quality implants that we use (IHDE DENTAL Swiss, Nobel Biocare, BEGO Semados ) are made of material that is compatible with live tissues (biocompatibility) and are made of titanium alloy that is fully anti-allergic, non-toxic and non-corrodible.

Besides due to properly created micro surface, once placed, implants encourage the adhesion of the neighboring bone tissue on their surface resulting in the solid stability of the implant. Implants integrate into the bone tissue, in other words, are capable of creating a connection with the bone tissue.

Benefits of implants


  • Perfect solution to replace dentures
  • Allow healthy teeth to be preserved by not having to chisel them for teeth replacements
  • Biocompatible
  • Life-long dental solution for tooth replacement
  • Not carcinogenic
  • Implants do not corrode
  • Implants are not allergic or toxic

Why do we use IHDE DENTAL Swiss and Nobel Biocare and BEGO Semados implants?


  • More than 20 years of international experience
  • Life-long guarantee
  • Quality and reliability based on several decades of research
  • Biocompatible implant materials
  • Fast and easy method of implantation
  • Excellent price-quality rate

How the IHDE 5 day implant procedure works

We offer a ground breaking implantation procedure that makes dental restoration possible for almost every patient. This procedure is suitable for those who previously had failed implantation because of the severely atrophied jaw bones and bone recession. DENT ELITE is among the firsts who implement this revolutionary implantation system.


The IHDE 5 day implant is a largely painless method that not causes any bleeding. Instead of creating incisions on the gum, the surgeon uses circular punch to create hole in the patient’s gum tissue and place titanium bolt into that screwed directly into the jawbone. It provides a strong and stable support for the new tooth. The patient has local anesthetic and most of the rime no additional painkiller medication is necessary.


Right after the implants have been inserted the patient gets their final bridge immediately. In this case there is no long recovery period, since the new teeth made by the dental technician can be fixed in 5 days.


Implants not only provide better chewing ability and improved facial appearance, but patients are telling that dental implants enhance their life’s quality and promote general psychological and emotional well-being.

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