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Dr Fazekas Nóra
Dr. Nora Fazekas

She started her studies at Semmelweis University Medical School. She’s gotten her Dentist degree from the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany and she had her Dento-Alveolar surgical exam in 2005.
He specializes in implantology and in particular the instant dental restoration by implantation. In doing so, the surgical procedures are done with minimally invasion. The special design of implants, as well as a large number of variations in size and shape allows their bone-implant – in most cases – without bone grafting. In this’ way immediately loadable implants, prosthetics takes place in a few days. (97% in just 5 days) Thus, the implantation is not an unpleasant experience for the patient, after surgery there is no swelling and bleeding. Right after the prosthetic care it is possible chewing immediately, the patient feel comfortable with their beautiful aesthetic results.
Furthermore, she has extensive experience in other dental surgery, managing patient who are afraid of dentists and narcosis treatments.

Dentist, Dento-Alveolar Surgeon

Dr. Ferenc Kardos

He has completed his studies at the Budapest Semmelweis University Faculty of Dental Medicine in 1974.

The same year he married in 1976, which was born daughters, who later donated them two grandchildren.

In 1977 he passed the Dental and Oral Diseases Specialist exam.

Until the beginning of 2000 he worked as a dentist in a Dental Office, and then he had private practice from 1979 to 2009.

From 2009, he is member of the Austrian Chamber of Dentists and from this time full-time work in Austria (Linz and Vienna) Since that he is part of the DENT ELITE Dental and Oral Surgery Centre team.

Dental and Oral Diseases Specialist

Dr Pali Norbert
Dr. Norbert Pali

Born in 1973, he spent the years of primary school in Vienna, and it was bilingual secondary school until 1992. In 1998 he graduated from the Budapest Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry, and two years later made Diseases Dental and Oral Exam.

In 2000, he opened his first private dental office in Budapest as the ELITE DENT in Hattyú Street. The clinic has been operating since that successfully and has its reputation in both the professional as well as among patients both in Hungary than in Austria.

After the EU enlargement in 2004 he was the first Central European dentist who became a member of the Austrian Medical Chamber! In September that year, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the EU, together with some former colleagues, opened a 190 square meter private dental clinic in Vienna, where it continues practicing to these days.

In 2005 he opened another dental clinic also in Vienna, on the Südtiroler Platz

The fast growing necessitated the creation of a private dental laboratory and so he founded DENTAL UNION Hungary LLC. Dental Laboratory in 2005. The laboratory provides a full range of dental services for DENT ELITE dental health centers and for both the European Union and Hungarian dentists.

In 2006, he opened a new dental clinic in Salzburg, and then a year later in Linz.

He is the father of two beautiful little girls!

Dental and Oral Diseases Specialist
(Owner of DENT ELITE)

Dr Vásárhelyi Beáta
Dr. Beata Vasarhelyi

She studied at University of Debrecen Medical and Dental; graduated as Dental and Oral Diseases dentist in 2001. Between 2010- 2015 she worked in Budapest and then in Biatorbágy in private practices. her professional strength: prosthetic, restorative dentistry, endodontics and aesthetic dentistry.

2004 – 2010 she worked in Miskolc Min-DENT Ltd. as a Dentist. Dental outpatient treatment within the framework of preserving and prosthetic dental work in the end, in addition to those bleaching and esthetic dentistry is addressed. Meanwhile she mastered digital radiography procedures in the surgery.

2001 – 2004. After the successful acquisition of regional dental exam outpatient care in the end, she graduated as a dentist.
1999-2001 Dentiprax Ltd. Nagyhalász – worked as a dentist in the area of dental out-patient care as part of the resident training.

1991-1993 She earned Fogműves professional qualification before graduation at Beregszászi Pál Industrial High School, which is still well able to utilize knowledge in prosthetic designs.
She is industrious, conscientious and reliable. Experiences high traffic private surgeries, where he had the opportunity to acquire routine cooperation with colleagues. She loves her profession, their patients and colleagues is able to build and maintain a good relationship.

Dental and Oral Diseases Specialist

Dr. Jozsef Vincze

In 1997 he graduated from the Budapest Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry. 2000 certification seasoned specialist dental (dental and oral diseases specialist doctor).

2000 – 2004 worked at the Central Institute of Stomatology, at the beginning of periodontal and prosthetic dentistry and eventually has taken the class; he regularly took part in the night-call care. From 2000 to this day, he’s part of DENT ELITE team.

In 2004, he worked at the Semmelweis University Department of Oral Surgery Clinic and dento-alveolar surgery (oral surgery) made a special examination. From 2002 to 2006 at the Villany Denton oral surgery, implantology within that mainly involved in consultancy and support.

DENT ELITE’s office in Vienna was opened in 2004, which has been regularly involved in patient care, such as the implantation szokosodott, the leading oral surgeon. From 2009 he is oral surgeon and consultant at Kiwa and Androdent Dental (Dr. András Molnár).

His interest in oral surgery came from Dr. Péter Nagy, Dr. András Huszák and Dr.BélaSzép.These people also contributed significantly to the practical information to acquire, so they are three key players in the development of his professional orientation!

He is member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, the Hungarian jaw Facial and Oral Surgery Society and the Austrian Medical Chamber

Language: English fluent, German intermediate level.

Dentist, Dento-Alveolar Surgeon





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